Make a turkey that's hot to trot.  

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Turkey Hat Done

Turkey Hat Materials

Tools & Materials:
download this template
8.5″ × 11″ cardstock
glue or double-sided tape
hole punch

Turkey 1

1. Using the template attached, cut the body shape from a sheet of card stock.

Turkey 2a

2. Form the body of the turkey by curling the card stock into a cone.

Turkey 2b

3a. Glue or tape down the overlapping flap.

Turkey 3

3b. Staple at the bottom to secure the overlapping edges (make the turkey skinnier by overlapping more, fatter by overlapping less).

Turkey 4

4. Flatten the cone on the lines where indicated.

Turkey 5a

5. These creases will give the bird shape, and provide guide lines for tail and beak positioning. Reopen.

Turkey 5b

6. Cut out the caruncle (piece on top of the head) and staple to the top of the head.

Turkey 6

7. Cut the tail template from a sheet of cardstock and accordion fold as indicated.

Turkey 7

8. Staple tail to the cone along the back line, 1.5" from bottom, leaving about 1" of tail below the staple.

Turkey 8

9. Using a hole punch, make holes on either side of your turkey.

Turkey 9

10. String one piece of ribbon through each hole, knotting to secure.

Turkey 10

11. If you want to use this as a placecard holder, insert placecard into the notches and you’re all set for a gobbling good time.

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