A paper pumpkin full of tricks and treats makes a festive parting gift for your dinner guests.  

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Pumpkin Pinata Done

Pumpkin Materials

Tools & Materials:
orange tissue paper
Glue Dots
satin green ribbon in 1 inch
satin green ribbon in .25 inches

Pumpkins 1

1. Lay out two squares of tissue paper and put some pieces of candy in the center.

Pumpkins 2a

2a. Overlay small sections on top of each other all the way around until you’ve created a plump little pumpkin.

Pumpkins 2b

2b. Keep going…

Pumpkins 2c

2c. Almost done…

Pumpkins 3

3. Tie the narrow green ribbon around it tightly. This will serve as your tendrils a little later on.

Pumpkins 4

4. Trim the extra pieces on top.

Pumpkins 5

5. Cut a small piece of thicker ribbon (we used a 1" width) and loop it over the stem. This will ensure that your stem is neat and tidy.

Pumpkins 6

6. Adhere the ribbon from top to bottom (see picture).

Pumpkins 7

7. Cut another piece of the same kind of ribbon (similar length too) and wrap it tightly around the top to make a stem.

Pumpkins 8

8. Twirl your tendrils around and present these pumpkins for all your thankful dinner guests!

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