Using some of our extravagant gift wrap and ribbon, we've got a recipe for a festive New Year's.  

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Tie Done

Bow Tie Materials

Tools & Materials:
gift wrap

Tie 1

1. Cut a square from a roll of wrapping paper – sized about 4-6 inches and fold the paper back and forth into strips up to an inch and a half wide.

Tie 2

2. Fold in half.

Tie 3

3. Trim if you want to. You can even cut a scallop shape out to make your finished bow tie in a wavy shape.

Tie 4

4. Staple in the middle.

Tie 5

5. Take an extra piece of paper – sized about an inch wide by 4 inches high.

Tie 6

6. Wrap it around the middle and staple it in the back. Take a strand of ribbon and thread it through this piece.

Tie 6

7. Adorn this tie around your neck and you’re ready to party.

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