Make a one-of-a-kind mask to conceal your true identity on Halloween.  

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Mask Done

Mask Materials

Tools & Materials:
download this template
8.5 × 11″ card stock
1/8" hole puncher
glitter (optional)

*Please Note: If you liked the lion mask featured in our e-mail, the tracings to make it are included on the third page of the downloadable template above!

Masks 1

1. Fold paper in half vertically (Fold A).

Masks 2a

2a. Fold paper again lengthwise (Folds B and C).

Masks 2b

2b. This is what it should look like with creases.

Masks 3

3. Make cuts on the bottom of the mask where indicated, about 1.5" to 2" deep into the paper (Cuts A, B and C).

Masks 4

4. Fold in the two X’s, making sure they overlap, as shown in the picture and staple together.

Masks 5a

5a. Do the same for the pieces labeled Y.

Masks 5b

5b. Staple.

Careful! Staple the paper so that the sharp ends face on the outside of your mask and away from your face.

Masks 5c

5c. And you’re done with the basic set up.

From here, you can get creative. We made a jack-o-lantern mask using orange paper for the mask, black for the facial features and green for the top. Get creative – combine colors and cut out different shapes for different creatures of the night!

Masks 6

6. Using an 1/8" hole puncher, punch out a hole on either side of your completed mask.

Masks 7

7. String ribbon through each hole and make a knot on the insides.

Masks 8

8. Tie it to your head and party so hard you wake the dead.

Finished Masks

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