Party guests can take home a ghoulish goodie bag!  

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Ghoulish Bags

Party guests can take home a ghoulish goodie bag, or trick-or-treaters can collect their Halloween candy in a delightfully frightening treat bag. They’re easy to make – all you’ll need is one of our kraft or decorative bags and some colored cardstock.

Tools & Materials:
gift bags
Glue Dots

1. (From the downloadable template) Pick out your favorite pattern – Forbidden Fire or Haunted House (or make your own) and use pieces of colored cardstock for the different pieces.

2. Using a shopping bag, cut out the pieces according to diagram on the template, taking care not to cut too close to the handles.

3. For the Forbidden Flame bag, use glue or Glue Dots to attach your flames where desired.

4. For the Haunted House, cut out windows and fold outwards. Glue them onto the bag. Try extra embellishments – like creepy creatures lurking out the windows, stickers, stamps and glitter.

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