Custom-made creatures are a fun and crafty way to lend a little light to the darkness of a creepy Halloween night.  

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Frightful Lights Done

Frightful Lights Materials

Tools & Materials:
• vellum
german tissue paper
double stick tape
rubber stamps
stamp pad
• tea lights (battery operated for little ones)

Frightful Lights 1

1. Take a piece of vellum paper and fold in half lengthwise.

Frightful Lights 2

2. Cut along the fold. Now you have two to decorate.

Frightful Lights 3

3. Use rubber stamps, markers, crayons (or anything you’d like) to decorate the outsides of your liners. The sky�s the limit here. We did a row of scary skulls, but you can try pumpkins, gravestones or creepy creatures.

Frightful Lights 4

4. Using double sided tape, adhere the votive together.

Frightful Lights 5

5. Carefully place a tea light inside (battery operated is safest) to give a ghoulish glow to your spooky table settings.

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