Springtime Greetings Edition



How to Wrap the Kate's Paperie Way

Springtime conjures images of bright colors and butterflies in flight, so why not wrap your gift in the same fashion? Whether the occasion is Mother’s Day, a bridal shower or Easter, our Flights of Fancy gift wrap technique is certain to bring springtime cheer to your recipient.

We’ve used this batik deco paper for its vibrant yellow color and paired it with our Write Choice card stock in blue for the butterfly accents. Feel free to mix and match colors and textures for any occasion.

When wrapping, keep these tips in mind:
• tape and glue dots are always hidden
• cut edges are always folded under
• paper should be tight with neat edges and corners

Step 1

1. Start with the yellow paper for the primary wrap. Trim paper so that is just covers each side of the box.
2a-b. Fold over the ends to avoid exposed edges and take the folded ends to the edge of package to disguise the seam.

Step 2
Step 3

3a-b. Turn package on its end and fold in the side flaps.
4a-c. Place package top-side down and finish folding the ends, folding over raw edge for a clean finish.
5. You’ve completed your base wrap.

We embellished with butterflies for that springtime accent, but don’t feel limited by the theme we’ve chosen. You can use whatever you wish – cutouts of birds, flowers or any springtime image that comes to mind – to create a gift wrap that inspires you.

Step 4

6a. Using the butterfly craft punch, apply glue dots to the punch outs and decorate the box.
6b-c. Use small Z-folds if you want a pop-up effect.

Step 5

7. Cut out butterflies from decorative paper, gluing two together for a front and back look.
8. Apply to the box with glue dots in the center of the butterfly and fold its wings up for a three-dimensional effect.
9. Finished! Send your gift flying out into the world.