Lilly Pulitzer Edition



How to Wrap the Kate's Paperie Way

With their signature designs and vivacious color palette, Lilly Pulitzer paper goods are guaranteed to add just the right amount of pop to any gift.

We started with the Lilly Pulitzer wrap in pink and green, but feel free to mix and match colors and textures for any occasion.

When wrapping, keep these tips in mind:
• tape and glue dots are always hidden
• cut edges are always folded under
• paper should be tight with neat edges and corners

Step 1

1. Start with the Lilly Pulitzer paper for the primary wrap.
2. Trim paper to size, leaving enough to overlap.
3. Fold over the ends to avoid exposed edges and take the folded ends to the edge of package to disguise the seam.

Step 2

4. Turn package on its end and fold in the side flaps.
5a-b. Place package top-side down and finish folding the ends, folding over raw edge for a clean finish.

Step 3
Step 4

6. You’ve completed your base wrap.

We used Kate’s 1.5" satin ribbon to make a basic criss-cross accent on the wrap. Feel free to choose another color (you can browse our selection here).

7a-c. Cross the ribbon on top to maintain a flat bottom.
8. Tie the ribbon in a half-knot to secure.
9. Now, embellish the top with the Lilly Pulitzer party pom-pom, assembling according to the instructions enclosed in its containing packaging.

Finished! Now you’ve got a sassy gift that’s pretty in Pulitzer.