Quilling throws graphic design a few curves

Perhaps because of the ubiquity of slick, computer-aided work, there has been a renewed interest in more natural, hand-crafted elements in graphic design. Paper artist and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya does that to breathtaking effect with her lyrical typographic illustrations using a technique called quilling. Quilling (also known as paper filigree) is an old world art form that has been around since the Renaissance, and by the nature of its dainty, spiraling forms tends to be cast in a somewhat folksy light.

Quilling 1
Quilling 2

But as you can see, while Yulia makes use of these traditional techniques, her work is anything but old-fashioned. Her portfolio is full of dynamic, modern layouts that most designers would be hard-pressed to render on a computer, let alone as 3D paper sculptures. Paper strips swirl into strong typography (usually in heavy san serif fonts), for illustrations that vibrate with color and motion. The fact that she works so well with type just underscores her design origins, and leaves no doubt that this is the work of a true adept. Unsurprisingly, her illustrations have appeared in an impressive array of magazine editorials and advertisements. Check out the rest of her work on her website, artyulia.com.

Quilling 3
Quilling 4
Quilling 5

If you’re suitably inspired and would care to try your hand at quilling, this site and this site are both great starter resources to introduce you to this art form. Then choose from Kate’s Paperie’s selection of Paper by the Piece in a range of colors that can help you to get started!

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George G., Creative Director At Large, is a New York-based art director whose work spans everything from store display to interactive media. Also an accomplished artist, his illustrations have been published and exhibited in various galleries in New York. Being a self-professed design junkie, he is constantly on the lookout for what’s new and fresh in the worlds of art and design.

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