Shadow Plays



Beatrice Coron and her dark whimsy


When you think of paper cutwork, the word “delicate” will likely come to mind, just by the nature of the paper medium and how it’s traditionally been used. Beatrice Coron bucks the trend with work that is certainly intricate, but distinguished by a much grittier, urban mood, especially with her choice of subject matter. High rise buildings, hot air balloons, parachutists, giant shoes and angels all interact in her predominantly black landscapes. Her website calls her work “Cut Stories” and these paper snapshots certainly feel like you entered a tale in media res, and the intriguing details make you wonder what the rest of the narrative is like.


With its preponderance of black silhouettes, Coron’s work may seem a bit ominous. But closer inspection will reveal many elements of whimsy: families of skeletons going on an outing, or sea serpents lazily swimming in a loch, or giant buildings shaped like candy. The playfulness balances the black papers she favors, giving the work a thematic lightness.


There’s a recurring theme of buildings or massive multi-storied dwellings, where denizens play out their unknown activities in the shadows, like colonies of ants. There’s so much activity going on, but all cloaked in shadow both literally and figuratively, so one can only guess at what’s happening. But that makes Coron’s work all the more intriguing, as the viewer can try to glean what the artist is trying to convey, or construct their own back story. It’s the kind of interactivity that makes art of any kind more than just pretty, but pretty compelling.

Beatrice Coron will be one of the artists featured in Slash! Paper Under the Knife, an exhibit at the Museum of on art created by artists using paper.

For more of Beatrice Coron’s work, you can visit his website at

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