Pixel Perfect



Out of your monitor and into your home

Life as we know it has been redefined by digital media, with information for everything we seek online and on your computer. In a post-modern act so simple it’s genius, artist Cristian Zuzunaga reverses the process by applying the pixels back to the actual stuff of daily life.



I first noticed his work with his furniture design, particularly his couch for Moroso that sported upholstery tiled with digitally-inspired color blocks. Looking for all the world like a low-res image expanded way beyond its ability to properly look real, his couch cleverly elevated the once-maligned jagged edges of low-fidelity digital images to high style. It appeared to be an instant success, finding its way into features in magazines and blogs the world over. Earlier this year they even had an entire exhibition space devoted to his work and the pixel-painted ouevre over at the Maison et Objet show in Paris, and it was definitely one of my favorite sections. Sadly my apartment can’t accommodate another chair (much less a couch) so I was resigned to admiring the pixel prints from afar.

Imagine my elation then when I discovered that the enterprising Mr.Zuzunaga had applied his signature pixels to a line of gift wrap. Now I didn’t have to buy an entire living room set but could get my color blocked fix applied to gifts, notebooks or whatever I wanted to swathe in color swatches! I quickly coerced our buyers at Kate’s Paperie to add the line to our offerings, and am already planning on using this line as my signature wrap for the holidays.


For more of Cristian Zuzunaga’s work, you can visit his website at cristianzuzunaga.com.

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George G., Creative Director At Large, is a New York-based art director whose work spans everything from store display to interactive media. Also an accomplished artist, his illustrations have been published and exhibited in various galleries in New York. Being a self-professed design junkie, he is constantly on the lookout for what’s new and fresh in the worlds of art and design.

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