Origami Swamis



Meet the paper-folding gurus whose incredible work is nothing short of miraculous.

Paper cranes are classic and beautiful, but in the new world of origami, science and mathematics conspire with spatial relations to bring you forms that seem to be more than just art. “Between the Folds” is a documentary about the fine artists and theoretical scientists who’ve abandoned “more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders.”

While traditional origami is the base, modern origami goes beyond aesthetics to create forms that are puzzles more than anything, intricate creations that start out as a single sheet of paper and fold and bend into so much more. The trick is in manipulating the sheet without cutting or gluing, and the theory involved (not to mention the nimble fingers!) is mind boggling to me. I’m not quite sure where ‘modern origami’ is different from the tesselations I wrote about last year. As a young boy who loved folding paper into little pulp representations of animals and decorative boxes in elementary school, this takes my childlike wonder into ups the ante into adult amazement.

The full documentary is available via PBS, and you can visit PBS’s website at PBS.org for more information about this documentary.

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