Building delicate complexity

South 1

The first thing you notice is how intensely intricate the installations are. References both futuristic and retro spring to mind, a mash-up of vintage machine parts and building frameworks brought together in sometimes ironically feminine color combinations, for a very esoteric recipe that’s equal parts Steampunk, electronic motherboard and lace doily. But there’s such a unifying rhythm to it all that despite the wealth of disparate elements, it all blends together. To add to the wonder of it all, consider the fact that the filigrees and grills in her constructions are mostly out of paper. From concept to execution, Jane South is no minimalist.

South 2

South 3

South’s work explores the relationship people have with architecture. Born in Manchester, England, she now resides in Brooklyn, New York. It was the surrounding industrial structures that she saw while riding on her bike in New York everyday that inspired the forms in her art. Think of them as enforced perspectives: the degree of detail mimics South’s impressions of how cable terminals, bridges, scaffoldings and whatnot appeared to her as she biked towards and away from them. It’s a fluid experience that she seeks to translate in the immersive, almost obsessive detail she incorporates in each piece.

South 4

South 5

In a day and age when less is often seen as more, it’s a breath of fresh air to revel in the kind of detail that South’s artwork has. Of course these fabulously monumental pieces may be a bit unwieldy for everyday life, but you can find similar things that share their sensibility. These laser-cut greetings cards from Vera Wang, for example, have delicate patterns that echo the filigrees and cutwork of South’s work, but in a size and form that you can take home and share with others.

Vera Wang

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