Natalie Sarabella and Janet Moremile



The Artist's Remarkable Journey

Natalie Sarabella and Janet Moremile — two women as different as night and day, but with a common thread of love and respect for one another and their art, collaborated nearly 14 years ago in a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. Natalie expressed an interest in art as a young girl and Julie loved the business side of things with a flair for interior design.

Inspired by the beautifully decorated Christmas trees in Brooklyn’s Abraham & Straus department store, Natalie began to paint ornaments for her own family tree. Having created an oversized ornament – now labeled by many “The Ultimate Ornament” – and encouraged by her family and her long time friend, cousin and business partner Janet, the two embarked on a journey that eventually brought them to the buyers at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. The buyers at Bergdorf had never seen anything like it and placed an order that day. That was followed by a reorder and then another – and the rest is history.

The collaboration of Natalie Sarabella and Janet Moremile has resulted in some of the most exquisite hand-painted holiday ornaments on the market today. Now headquartered in an art studio in Staten Island, Sarabella Creations continues to design oversized ornaments and mantle pieces embellished with Austrian crystallized Swarovski Elements, adorned with elaborate ribbons and housed in a green velvet presentation box. Each with its own unique style captures the magic of the holidays.

Sarabella Creations has since added to its line of exclusive hand-painted items tree toppers, greeting cards, photo albums and ostrich eggs, to name only a few. Natalie and Janet are known for their custom paintings on the large ornaments including portraits and architectural designs.

Over the past 14 years their ornaments have been sold in the finest stores throughout the world such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York – and now Kate’s Paperie with a line of exclusive Valentine’s Day greeting cards and matching ornaments. Many of Sarabella’s ornaments and other collectibles adorn the trees of the rich and famous continuing to warm the hearts of all who remember the wonder of Christmas.