Alton DuLaney



Wraps His Way to the Top

Armed with tape, a paper cutter ,wrapping paper and tons of creative ingenuity, Alton DuLaney, of Kate’s Paperie, walked away with first prize in 3M’s 2008 “Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper” contest.

DuLaney, awarded a $10,000 cash prize, out wrapped seven other contestants in the annual national gift-wrapping contest in early December sponsored by 3M, the maker of Scotch brand tape. DuLaney and the other contestants were given the challenge to wrap several odd-shaped gifts – a three-tiered candy dish, a set of golf clubs in a caddy bag and finally a baby grand piano. He and the other contestants were judged on three criteria: appearance, technique and speed.

When asked about his secret to wrapping the perfect present, the gift wrapper extraordinaire explained, “measure your paper carefully, use a paper cutter for clean lines and most importantly, no exposed edges, crisp corners and tight folds.”

DuLaney has created and implemented window installations, in-store merchandising and graphic arts for several fashion and luxury goods brands such as Patricia Fields, Asprey and Gucci Group. He joined Kate’s Paperie in 2007 and oversaw the window installations and visual merchandising for all five Kate’s stores. His window installations at Kate’s have stopped passers by to marvel at his masterful and creative use of paper.

The entertainer in DuLaney took center stage when he decided to create a “gift wrap rap” video as a means of self expression and an opportunity to promote Kate’s Paperie. DuLaney showcases his many talents and brings his humor, individual style and creative flair to this video as he continues to wrap – and rap – his way to superstardom!

Gift Wrap Rap

Alton DuLaney does the Gift Wrap Rap
Our own resident gift wrap master shows up how to wrap the Kate’s Paperie way in, “The Gift Wrap Rap.” Check him out and watch our most gifted wrapped strut his stuff!

Alton DuLaney

Under Wraps
by Emily Hulme

“…So your living room is holiday ready. But how do you make those gifts under the tree really stand out? We spoke with Alton DuLaney of Kate’s Paperie, the recent winner of the title “Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper,” for some wrapping tips…"

AM New York, December 16, 2008

Alton DuLaney - Most Gifted Wrapper

Alton DuLaney on CW11 Morning Show
Our gift wrap master struts his stuff on the CW11 Morning Show in preparation for the Scotch Brand Annual Gift Wrapping Contest. Check out the clip and learn from our most gifted gift-wrapper!

CW11 (New York) Morning Show
December 5th, 2008