Utensil Holders


Utensil Holders

Create festive & fantastic table settings that are sure to spark conversation.

Utensil Holder 1

Tools & Materials:
download this template
8.5″ × 11″ coverstock
X-acto knife
cutting mat
• utensils

Utensil Holder 2

1. Draw your shapes (or print them out from the template provided) onto a piece of cardstock.

Utensil Holder 3

2. Cut out your shapes.

Utensil Holder 4

3. Using a ruler as a guide, draw two lines for cutting. This is where you’ll put the utensils.

Utensil Holder 5

4. Using an X-acto knife, cut along the lines.

Utensil Holder 6

5. Fill with a fork, knife or spoon and set on your table for a festive party!

Variations & Ideas:
• Make different shapes for different holidays or occasions – a heart for a Valentine’s Day dinner, autumn leaves for Thanksgiving, etc.
• Use numbers for a birthday celebration.
• Make place cards for dinner parties.
• Create a visual menu of your meal – if turkey is the main course, make a utensil holder in the shape of one.

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