Starry Streamers


Starry Streamers

Need quick party decorations for that summer party you're planning? You won't believe what you can do with some of our paper, ribbon and a little bit of glue.

Starry Streamer 1

Tools & Materials:
download this template
double stick tape, glue or glue dots
8.5″ × 11″ coverstock

Starry Streamer 2

1. Draw your stars and circle backings (or print them out from the template provided) onto a piece of cardstock.

2. Cut them out.

Starry Streamer 3

3. Sandwich your ribbon in between a star and circle patch.

Starry Streamer 4

4. Adhere all together using double stick tape, glue or glue dots.

Starry Streamer 5

5. Repeat until you have all the stars you like.

Starry Streamer 6

6. Hang and enjoy!

Variations & Ideas:
• Use different colored papers and ribbons for different theme parties.
• Use multiple streamers vertically to make a curtain.
• Hang short lengths from the ceiling to transform any room into a starry night.

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