Paper Pinwheels


Paper Pinwheels

They're a breeze to make!

The spinning spokes in our fall-inspired pinwheel are reminiscent of the leaves that whirl around on a crisp autumn day. Use our template plus a few sheets of our paper.

Pinwheel Materials

Tools & Materials:
8.5″ × 11″ cardstock
hole punch
X-acto knife
• brad
• thumbtack

Pinwheel 1

1. Download the template above, then cut out your pinwheel pieces along the dotted lines.

Pinwheel 2

2. Using an 1/8" hole puncher, punch holes on the ends where indicated.

Pinwheel 3

3. Wrap a pencil with double-sided tape, then wrap a ribbon around the pencil so it adheres evenly. This will be your pinwheel holder!

Pinwheel 4

4. Take a thumbtack and pierce it through your pinwheel templates into the pencil eraser.

Pinwheel 5

5. Cut out and layer the flower pieces one on top of each other.

Pinwheel 6

6. Put a brad through all the flower pieces and hold them. Take each pinwheel “arm” and layer each under the next, putting each hole through the brad in the process.

Pinwheel 7

7. Secure the brad and you�re all finished! Let the autumn wind makes your floral pinwheel spin.

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