Matchbook Album


Matchbook Album

Collect your favorite summertime moments - the kids at summer camp, the beach bash, a graduation - in this mini matchbook album. Download the template, pick out your favorite colors of our paper and assemble with ease.

Matchbook Album

Tools & Materials:
#10 cover weight stock (for cover and inside pages)
• brads
hole punch
X-acto knife
cutting mat
• photos

Matchbook Album 2

1. Measure out and mark the size and folds of your album, or use the attached template for an album measuring 3" by 3". Keep in mind: one end should fold in enough to fit a hole-punch and brad. The other end will be the front cover of the album.

Matchbook Album 3

2. Cut out the album with scissors or an X-acto knife.

Matchbook Album 4

3. Using a paperclip or bone folder, score and fold along the markings you made earlier.

Matchbook Album 5

4. Fold the edges inward to create a matchbook shape.

Matchbook Album 6

5. Now, measure and cut out the pages that will be inserted into your album.

Matchbook Album 7

6. Cut out or prepare the images you’d like to have in the album.

Matchbook Album 8

7. Glue them in.

Matchbook Album 9

8. With markers, colored pencil, scraps of paper or stickers, decorate the pages. Create a theme for each photo, if you’d like.

Matchbook Album 10

9. Compile all the pages together within your mini album. Align the pages with the bottom folded edge of the album. Punch a hole through one of the bottom corners.

Matchbook Album 11

10. Adhere them all together with a brad.

Matchbook Album 12

11. Decorate the front cover however you wish, and you’re all set! Flip through the pages and enjoy!

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