Hot Dog Liners


Hot Dog Liners

Dress up even the simplest of summertime meals.

Hot Dog Liner 1

Tools & Materials:
#10 flat card
decorative paper of the same size
bone folder
X-acto knife
cutting mat
glue stick

Hot Dog Liner 2

1. Glue the flat card to the decorative paper.

Hot Dog Liner 3

2. Cut out the extra paper using the flat card as a guide.

Hot Dog Liner 4

3. Measure 3" inches down from each side and make a mark on your paper.

Hot Dog Liner 5

4. Using a ruler as a guide, score the lines you just made with a bone folder (if you don’t have a bone folder, use the end of a paper clip).

Hot Dog Liner 6

5. Fold the sides up.

Hot Dog Liner 7

6. *Optional. Add your own fun accents such as images/words like “ketchup” or “mustard.”

7. Fill with a hot dog and enjoy!

Variations & Ideas:
• Instead of hot dogs, use as a taco or napkin holder.

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