Gerbera Daisy


Gerbera Daisy

Make some paper daisies that will be sure to put a little springtime in your step.

Tools and Materials:
colored tissue paper
colored cover weight paper
scissors or X-acto blade
• a flathead thumbtack
glue or double sided tape
a pencil
green ribbon
• wire (optional)

All you need is some of our colored tissue paper (try our Colored Tissue or Crystallized Tissue in a variety of springtime colors!), colored cover weight paper (try Write Choice in Gumdrop Green and Lemondrop for the flower’s sepal and center pieces), scissors, a flathead thumbtack, glue, a pencil, some ribbon (try Kate’s 1" satin ribbon in olive) and a small piece of wire (optional).

For the flower:
Download and print out the template provided. Cut out the sepal (bottom piece) and the capitulum (top piece). Using the larger template as a guide, take a few pieces of tissue paper (three or four sheets) and cut into circles. Fold in half, then in half again, and in half one last time to create a triangular shape.

Cut out the petal pattern on the circular template and use it against the folded tissue. It’s the same idea as making a snowflake.

Repeat this process using the smaller template for a layered effect. Arrange the cutouts how you’d like – you can put smaller petals at the top and bottom. Twist and turn the other petals so that they don’t all match to create a look of fullness.

Take the sepal and place it in the center underneath the pile of petals. To secure everything together, use the flathead thumbtack and stick it through the center into the eraser of the pencil. To finish, cover the thumbtack with the capitulum center.

For the stem:
Use glue or double-sided tape to adhere the ribbon to the pencil. Wrap the ribbon around and down the length of the pencil in a swirl-like fashion (think maypole).

Option 1" wire
Sandwich two leaves between a 2" strand of wire with double-sided tape or glue. Use the free end of the wire to attach the leaf to the stem. Repeat for the other leaf.

Option 2 – wireless
If you don’t have any wire handy, you can still attach the leaves to the stem. Use double-sided tape on the pointed side, leaving the wider part of the leaves open. With a little double-sided sticky tape on the pencil base, attach the open ends of the leaf to the already ribboned stem.

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