Accordion Album



Keep memories of your travels fresh by making an accordion-style travel album ready to show off to friends and family.

Accordion Album 1

Tools & Materials:
11″ × 17″ Rossler paper
8.5″ × 11″ cover stock paper
envelope (optional)
decorative paper
ribbon (we used .5" satin)
X-acto knife
bone folder
double stick tape
cutting mat

Accordion Album 2

1. Measure and cut out two 4″ × 6″ rectangles of the cover weight paper.

Accordion Album 3

2. Measure and cut out two 5″ × 7″ rectangles out of the decorative paper of your choice. This is the album’s cover.

Accordion Album 4

3. Using double-sided sticky tape, adhere the 5″ × 7″ piece to the 4″ × 6″ backing paper. Do this for both the front and the back covers. The decorative paper will hang over. Fold over and adhere the extra flaps to the underside.

Accordion Album 5

4. Take a strip of 18" ribbon and adhere it to the middle of the underside of one of the covers.

Accordion Album 6

5. Measure out three 3.5″ × 5.5″ sections. You should be making two lines. These would be the folds to your accordion pages.

Accordion Album 7

6. Using a bone folder or paperclip, score the two lines from the marks you just made.

Accordion Album 8

7. Using the double stick tape, adhere the outer facing sheets to the underside of the covers.

Accordion Album 9

8. Fill with photos of your travels, tie the ribbon to secure it closed, and, ta-da! You have an album filled with your travel photos.

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