Looking for personalized stationery? Want elegant wedding invitations that reflect your personality? Need to announce the arrival of your new family member?
Kate's Paperie Custom Printing Services can help you create one-of-a-kind print projects by providing advice on design, etiquette and printing to ensure tailored printing that meets your personal needs and makes a lasting impression.


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Just email your artwork* with the desired print method and quantity to kp7-printing@katespaperie.com and our custom printing specialists will get back to you within 1 business day!

*Please send all art files as a .pdf for review. Include your desired print method and quantity in increments of 25 for faster service.

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There are many types of printing techniques and media. Our printing specialists will discuss your needs and preferences and work with you to find those which are most appropriate for you. This includes choosing or creating design, selecting paper, composing copy, advising on style and etiquette, and providing assistance with special accommodations such as printing in foreign languages.



Sometimes, it's the finishing details that make the most impact. We invite you to consider the many ways we can add a personal touch to your project:

• ribbons or bows

• custom or original art

• rubber stamps

• custom wax seals

• photography

• pressed flowers



Custom printing goes beyond wedding invitations. Our specialists design a broad range of invitations, announcements and personalized stationery, such as:

• birth announcements/showers

• birthday parties

• anniversaries

• graduation announcements

• religious ceremonies

• memorials



Meet with your printing specialist. Your printing specialist will work with you to create a piece that fits your specifications, and will guide you on issues of etiquette, style, trends, prices, and mailing instructions.



After you have placed your order, your consultant will be in contact with you to review a proof of your order (think of a proof as a very final draft), help you with any last minute changes, and offer advice to ensure you are pleased with the final product.



Once printed, your completed order will be inspected by your assigned printing specialist to ensure it meets our exceptional print quality standards. You'll be notified when your order is ready for collection and you can decide whether you'd like to visit in-store to pick up your order or have us ship it to you.



We understand every project has a budget. There are several key factors that may affect costing for your order, including quantity, paper selection, printing method, custom requests and rush orders. Our printing associates will work with you to ensure your desired budget is adhered to.






An inked plate is pressed into the paper, leaving a concave impression in the paper, with the ink sitting on the 'floor' of the impression. The result is an elegant de-bossed image. The oldest method of printing, letterpress is prized for its luxurious tactile nature. Letterpress can take between three and eight weeks to produce.



A copper or steel plate is etched and then inked. The excess is wiped clean, and the ink remaining in the etching is applied to the paper when the paper is pressed to the plate. The press forces the paper into the grooves of the plate. The result is a distinctive three dimensional image rich in exquisite detail. Engraving can take between two and five weeks to produce.



This method simulates the look and feel of engraving, but can be executed with more speed and a lower cost. The image is flat printed, but while the ink is still wet, a resinous powder is applied and heated, causing the ink to expand, creating a raised effect. Thermography can take between five and ten days to produce.



For the same charge as thermography, your invitations can be printed flat, without the raised effect characteristic of thermographed documents. Lithography can take between five and ten days to produce.



Produced by our laser printer on the premises. The most time efficient and affordable choice for small orders. Laser printing can take between two and four days to produce.



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